Pine Skirting Board

Our pine skirting boards are made from high quality 5th grade redwood pine and as such they are suited to most domestic settings. As a softwood, pine is less hard wearing than oak but still maintains plenty of aesthetic appeal and when used with a lacquer or when primed, can withstand the hustle and bustle of a busy household.

If you prefer the natural look you will find our pine boards to have a natural grain that looks great in modern and traditional homes alike. We also stock a wide range of other skirting boards.

Pine Skirting Styles

We have a wide range of pine skirting board styles to choose from. All our pine boards come in 1 metre lengths and we ask for a minimum order of at least 3 metres. You can choose your height and rebate options as well as whether you want it ready primed or in its natural state when you place your order.

We also stock matching pine architrave.

You can find all of our pine skirting below: