Bespoke Skirting Boards

We are regularly asked to match customers’ existing skirting boards to our own and thanks to having over 60 styles we usually can. However, in those instances where we can’t or if customers have quite specific custom requirements for their skirting and architrave – we are able to provide a bespoke skirting board service.

How To Order Custom Made Skirting Boards

It is almost always best to speak to us directly when ordering custom made skirting and architrave. It may be that you can take photographs of your existing skirting or the style you would like and it may be that you have seen a profile on our website that fits but just needs minor adjustments – perhaps to the height or width. The more information you can provide us with the better as this will enable us to give you an accurate quotation for your specification.

We manufacture all of our boards on site and there is usually a small additional cost for bespoke skirting boards as the manufacturing process will require us to use additional tooling. 

Simply give us a call or send us an email with your custom requirements and will be only too happy to help.

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