Bespoke Skirting Boards

Skirting King are specialists in creating bespoke profiles that can match your current design. Our bespoke service is completely tailored around your requirements, meaning that we can create any skirting or architrave in any style! 

If you are looking to match an existing profile in your home, or have a new design that you are looking to create, our team of tooling experts can offer a range of cost effective solutions.

We would require a wood sample / technical drawing of your profile, to be able to re-crate it accurately. Once the tool is made, we keep it for you, just in case you need more in the future. 

As soon as your unique tooling has been fabricated, our production team get to work on machining your profile. We run a small length to ensure that everything is correct, and then machine your full order. 

Bespoke profiles are available for both skirting board and architrave, please contact one of the team on 01527 864 311 who will be happy to help with design ideas and solutions.

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