Skirting Board Covers

Our skirting board covers (also known as ‘skirting over skirting’) are designed to cover existing boards or to cover unsightly cables and pipes.

All of our MDF boards can be used as skirting board covers by simply selecting the rebate option on the product page.

Skirting board covers look just like standard skirting boards and are an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a quick and simple installation that is both convenient and cost effective.

Simply choose your preferred style of skirting, select the rebate option on the product page and add it to your cart.

Why Choose Skirting Board Covers?

Opting to cover existing skirting with our skirting board covers is a popular choice, but what benefits does it bring to the average installer?

Time Saving – Time is money and although adding a rebate to your skirting order might add a little more to the product cost, it will save you plenty of time and potentially plenty of money if you are working to a deadline. Not only that, you will ensure your final fit is completed on schedule as you save time removing existing skirting or trying to hide unsightly pipes or re-routing them at additional cost.

Less Damage – Some walls (particularly in older properties) can be prone to damage when removing existing boards – especially if they are glued on and the plaster is unsound. By choosing to cover over existing boards you are eliminating the danger of damaging the walls.

Visual Appearance – Decluttering your space is usually a prime consideration when redecorating. By hiding existing pipes and cables you can give your home that appealing tidy look – and no-one will know what lies behind your rebated skirting board covers.

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