Painting & Finishing

Skirting King offer unprimed, primed, and fully finished satin boards. You can choose your finish on the product page that you are interested in. We use premium commercial primer and satin for all our painted boards. Please note we can only paint or prime boards that are 250mm wide and under.


All of our primed boards are finished with two coats of primer/base coat, that is applied with our automated paint machine. Once dry, they are finished with an automated brush sander, with any imperfections finished by hand. Our primed skirtings, architraves and window boards would require a coat of gloss, satin or eggshell once fitted.

Fully Finished Satin

Our satin boards are supplied ready to fit. They undertake the same process as our primed boards, but have a further coat of 20% sheen satin, and a final sand to ensure a perfectly smooth finish. Our satin finish is a matte finish, rather than gloss.


All our primed and satin finish boards are sanded at least once. Our automated brush sander gets right into the profile detail, ensuring a smooth and consistent finish. We also inspect all our boards before dispatch, finishing any imperfections by hand.