Window Sills

If you are looking for window sills, window boards or window cill’s (as they are sometimes known you are in the right place. Skirting King manufacture and supply a wide range of window sill boards and they come in MDF as standard.

Our MDF window sills are made from the very best moisture resistance MDF making them perfect for any room in your home or office.

Available in a range of styles and sizes, we can help you create the look that is right for your space. If you are looking for modern window sills then our square styles might be to your liking – whereas if you are looking for a more traditional window sill then you might prefer a more chamfered or curved style of window board.

What Is The Point Of A Window Sill?

Strictly speaking, window sills usually form part of the window frame and are seen as part of the overall structure of a house. What we manufacture and supply at Skirting King is more of a window board rather than a window sill – but often people are confused as to what a window cill actually is. Our window boards are designed to sit inside the home and form a sort of shelf that sits between the window and the wall.

So if we are talking about window board – the purpose of this is to prevent any draft coming in from the outside where there could be gaps between the wall and the window. Window boards also afford plenty in terms of the interior design of a room.

However, if we are talking about a true window sill then the purpose is somewhat different – a sill is a part of the exterior window frame that is designed to prevent water from coming in through the window when it is opened – this is because it takes the rain water away from the window. These types of window sills are often made out of PVC.

Window Sill or Window Board?

Whether you call it a window sill, window cill or a window board is your business and frankly you can call it whatever you like as far as we are concerned. However, at Skirting King we only supply window sill boards – as in the MDF variety that sit inside your window as a sort of shelf.

If you are looking for a window sill board then we can certainly help you out and would be happy to help. At this present time we are only taking window board orders over the phone so be sure to give us a call to discuss your needs today.

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