Skirting Board Rebate

When installing new skirting boards it is an ideal opportunity to hide existing cables and/or pipes that can look quite unsightly. Our rebate option means that it is now quick and easy to hide these pipes and cables with just the click of a button.

When you order from us at Skirting King you will see a drop down option titled ‘rebate’. Simply select from this option whether you want to hide pipes or cables and the rebate will be added to every piece of skirting on your order.

skirting rebate options








Pipe and Cable Rebate Sizes

Working out the sizes you need for your rebate are simple with Skirting King as we take the guesswork out of the equation. The size of your rebate will be determined by the depth of skirting that you order. 

The table below shows the sizes of our rebate in relation to the depth. (Please note – if you need a different sized rebate then simply give us a call and we will work to your bespoke specifications).

Depth of Skirting




Rebate Size for Cable

9mm x 20mm

12mm x 20mm

19mm x 20mm

Rebate Size for Pipes

9mm x 40mm

9mm x 40mm

9mm x 40mm

When measuring the size of skirting required to hide cables and pipes you simply need to measure the height and depth of the pipes/cables you are covering. Once you know the measurements of the pipes/cables you can use our table above to calculate which size of skirting you require – just don’t forget to add the rebate option when you add to cart.

It is best practice to add 10mm to the covering height and a board depth of 6mm to ensure the boards retain enough strength – we ensure these ideal minimum measurements are met so you can be assured your boards will have adequate strength.

If you are unsure, simply give us a call and we can advise you on the best options and even take your order over the phone.

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