When it comes to selecting the perfect skirting boards and architrave for your home, getting the right size is essential. There’s nothing worse than spending time and money on a product only to find out that it doesn’t fit. But with a bit of knowledge and a few simple tips, you can easily find the perfect fit for your skirting board and architrave. In this blog post, we’ll look at how to choose the size of your skirting and architrave so that it fits your space perfectly.


Why choosing the right size is important

Choosing the right size of skirting board and architrave is crucial to achieving a polished and professional finish in your renovation project. It is important to understand that both skirting boards and architrave serve a practical purpose in addition to their aesthetic appeal. Skirting boards protect your walls from scuffs and scratches caused by furniture and other household items, while architrave adds a decorative trim around door frames and windows. Choosing the wrong size can throw off the balance of your space and result in an unattractive finish. That’s why it is essential to measure your space carefully and choose the appropriate height for both skirting boards and architrave. By doing so, you will not only enhance the overall look of your project but also ensure its functionality for years to come.


Measuring your space

When it comes to choosing the right size skirting boards and architrave for your renovation project, accurate measurements are key. Measuring your space properly will ensure that the skirting boards you choose fit perfectly and enhance the overall look of the room.

To measure the space for your skirting boards, start by measuring the length of each wall where you plan to install them. Use a tape measure and make sure to account for any corners or angles in the room. Add up the total length of all the walls to determine the overall skirting board length required.

When choosing the length of your skirting board, it’s important to consider both practical and aesthetic factors. You want to ensure that the skirting boards are long enough to cover the bottom edge of your walls, hiding any gaps or unevenness. At the same time, you don’t want them to be too long, as this can make the room appear smaller.


Determining the appropriate height for skirting boards

Before purchasing your skirting boards and architrave, it’s essential to measure your space accurately. This step is crucial to ensure a perfect fit and a polished look for your renovation project.

Start by measuring the length of each wall where you plan to install skirting boards. Use a tape measure and record the measurements, taking note of any corners or angles that may require additional pieces. Remember to measure both horizontally and vertically, as skirting boards come in various sizes to accommodate different room dimensions.

Next, consider the height of your skirting boards. If you have high ceilings, opting for taller skirting boards, between 180mm to 300mm, can create a more visually appealing and grander look. Traditional profiles are typically found in older properties and are often more decorative. For modern spaces with lower ceilings, a smaller skirting board that matches the architrave height can offer a sleek and stylish appearance.

It’s also crucial to consider the depth of your skirting boards. A deeper profile can add depth and elegance to your space, while a more subtle, shallow profile can provide a contemporary and minimalist touch. By carefully measuring your space and considering the height and depth options, you can ensure that your skirting boards and architrave will fit perfectly and complement the overall aesthetic of your project.


Architrave sizes and matching with skirting boards


When it comes to choosing the right size architrave to match your skirting boards, there are a few things to consider. Generally, the height of the architrave should be half the height of the skirting board. For example, if you have a 145mm skirting board, a 70mm architrave will create a balanced and cohesive look.

In addition to the size of your skirting board, the size of your door opening should also be taken into account when selecting the architrave. For a standard door size of 1981mm high, an architrave between 60mm and 80mm would be suitable. This ensures that the architrave complements the door and skirting in proportion.

However, if you have a period property or an over-sized door opening, you may want to opt for a larger architrave size. A 95mm architrave can add a sense of grandeur and elegance to your space, particularly in older homes where larger door openings are more common.

Ultimately, the size of your architrave should be determined by the overall aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Whether you are going for a sleek and modern look or a more traditional and ornate style, finding the perfect fit between your architrave and skirting boards is essential. By taking into account the height of your skirting board, the size of your door opening, and your personal preferences, you can ensure that your architrave seamlessly complements your skirting boards, resulting in a cohesive and visually pleasing finish to your space. So, don’t overlook the importance of selecting the right size architrave – it can make all the difference in achieving the look you desire.


Skirting Board Depth

One more important factor to consider is the depth. The depth refers to how far the skirting board or architrave sticks out from the wall.

Our most popular depth for skirting boards is 18mm. This size provides a good balance between functionality and aesthetics. However, we also offer skirting boards in 15mm and 25mm depths, as well as architrave in 30mm depth.

The depth you choose ultimately comes down to personal preference and what matches your existing property. If you want your skirting boards and architrave to match, it’s important to consider the depth of both.

If you can’t find the specific depth you need on our website, don’t worry. We can provide skirting boards and architrave in any size from 30mm to 250mm. Our team is also available to assist you with bespoke sizes if needed.

When selecting the depth, make sure to take accurate measurements to ensure the skirting boards and architrave fit perfectly in your space. If you’re unsure about the measurements, our team can provide guidance to ensure you choose the right depth for your skirting boards and architrave.