MDF Cut To Size

We offer a fully customisable service to allow you to have MDF sheets cut to size. If you are looking for sheets of MDF cut to size then we can provide you with such a service.

Simply choose the type of MDF sheet you want cutting, select a thickness for your MDF sheet and choose the length and width you need and let us do the cutting for you.

All our MDF is cut to order at our Warwickshire factory and we can ship right across the UK providing you with a seamless service that starts with the order and finishes with fast delivery.

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MDF Sheets Cut To Size 

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is one of the most commonly used materials in most DIY woodwork projects thanks to its robust nature and cost effective price. It is generally easy to work with and although cuts can be made at home, we have found that many of our customers request cuts to be made prior to delivery to ensure clean cuts that are done with precision in mind.

We only use moisture resistant MDF sheets and although this costs a little more than standard MDF, it is fair to say that for home use it is the go to material when it comes to MDF. These sheets can be used in any domestic rooms, including those with high moisture content such as kitchens and bathrooms – although when using them in these areas you should look to use a protective layer on the wood sheets.

We offer a range of more detailed cuts for you to choose from as well as radius corners, L-shaped cuts and drill holes. For more intricate designs you can place your order and send us your design via email to and we will be happy to accomodate your requests. If you are still unsure, please call us to discuss your order and we shall be happy to help.

Order MDF Cut To Size

You can use our MDF cut to size calculator to view the range of sheets we have on offer and the size of boards we have available. When placing your order please include the exact length and width you require per board in mm.

Why Choose MDF Sheets?

Strong & Lightweight

Our MDF sheets are strong. No matter what size thickness you choose our sheets of MDF will be up to the task. Not only that, but they are lightweight too so they are easy to work with.

Cost Effective

Our MDF sheets are affordable and a lot cheaper to use than when working with other types of natural wood. MDF sheets are also made at little cost to the environment.

Easy To Decorate

With no knots or grains to worry about, our flat sheets of MDF can be easily painted and produce a stunning finish thanks to the flat, smooth and hard surface they have.

Conistent To Work With

Unlike working with natural wood, MDF is consistent to work with as the strength of the sheets is pretty constant with each board supplied – this makes it easier to work with.

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