OSB Boards

OSB boards are one of the most commonly used sheet materials in UK construction and DIY projects. OSB stands for Oriented Strand Board and takes its name thanks to the way in which it is manufactured. To create OSB board, individual strands of wood are layered with an adhesive to create a unique look but more importantly an incredibly strong sheet material.

OSB boards tend to be used for roofing, flooring and internal construction, but can also be used externally and in areas of high humidity.

There are 4 different types of OSB board and each have various suggested uses:

OSB 1 Boards

OSB-1 boards are typically designed for interior use as they need to be used in dry conditions. Suggested use is for interior furniture or decor. The strands in OSB-1 boards are held together with Urea Formaldehyde glue.

OSB 2 Boards

OSB-2 is also a board that can only be used in dry conditions, however it is a stronger than OSB-1 and can therefore be used for load bearing walls. 

OSB-2 is often used in flooring and roofing application as well as for furniture. The glues used to hold the strands together are PMDI and MUF.

OSB 3 Boards

OSB-3 boards are extremely tough and can be used in much harsher environments – including many outdoor applications. OSB-3 is load bearing and is often used in roofing and flooring applications thanks to its strength but also signage thanks to its weatherproof qualities.

The glue used in OSB-3 is Phenol-Formaldehyde.

OSB 4 Boards

OSB-4 is the strongest of all the OSB boards and as such is generally used in building applications that require stronger materials. It is often used in roofing and flooring work and can even be used in other structural elements such as beams.

It used a Phenol-Formaldehyde glue as its main adhesive.


OSB Boards can be used as a flooring material. It offers a low-cost but high quality solution to most flooring needs in the home.

Wall Sheeting

OSB is an ideal choice when it comes to internal wall coverings. It is very cost effective when compared to other options such as concrete or plywood.

Roof Sheathing

OSB boarding is often used for flat roofing thanks to its strong but cost effective nature. It can also be more aesthetically pleasing due its natural look.

Making Furniture

OSB can even be used to make furniture such as tables, chairs and storage. The natural look lends itself well to most domestic furniture types.